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Give yourself
opportunities for the future.
Become an urban biodiversity expert with Effinature, and take part in a sustainable economy that is both necessary and meaningful.
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Why train with Effinature?


Biodiversity isn't a constraint, it doesn't cost extra and it doesn't waste project time! Biodiversity is a real asset to the construction industry, once you understand and master its specific features! 

Are you a Project Management Assistant (PMA) in Building Environmental Quality (BEQ)? Environmental building engineer? Ecologist? Experienced naturalist? Become a recognized EFFINATURE expert and support your projects through certification.

EFFINATURE takes place over two days by videoconference to save you time. 


I am a Professional

Become a biodiversity expert and be authorized to support Effinature projects!

☑ Define, measure and improve the biodiversity footprint of your real estate projects with the right measurement tools. 

☑ Inform your environmental choices as a project owner, 

☑ Obtaining projects within communities or private structures

☑ Support your employees' skills development and encourage their commitment and involvement,

☑ Choosing an indicator based on scientific criteria and a holistic approach to biodiversity. 

☑ Join a group of dynamic and caring AMO ambassadors, benefit from an exchange platform and take part in events/workshops throughout the year. 


I represent a project owner

Become a committed player and join the first visionary territories in terms of biodiversity! 

☑ Enabling residents and users to enjoy an unrivalled quality of life in an urban environment,

☑ Sustainably enhancing territories and construction projects,

Reassure local interlocutors about their future investments,

☑ Understand how to integrate biodiversity into urban planning documents,

Anticipating future biodiversity regulations 

☑ Raising awareness among local decision-makers of the challenges of protecting and enhancing urban biodiversity

Suggest developments to encourage urban biodiversity.

Your new skills
during training

Getting to grips with the various calculation tools

Vegetation marking

Supporting a low-impact worksite

How to draw up an ecological management plan

Sensitizing site teams

Establish an operation schedule in phase with the species cycle

Know how to carry out a complete initial assessment of a site (without forgetting any parameter, such as the soil, for example).

Know all the specifics of certification

At the end of the two-day training course, you'll be included in the official ranking.

and receive a diploma validating your skills. 

Trainees' opinions

The training was top-notch, and the content and materials really helped us to understand the issues and philosophy behind the Effinature standard. 

Marion P, AMO Effinature 

I'm very satisfied with this training course, and the IRICE team is always available to answer our questions on complex projects, which is very much appreciated!

Stéphanie S. AMO Effinature

Theory, tools and case studies really help us to understand how the repository works. It was a very rewarding two days. 

Sylvain C, AMO Effinature

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Toulouse, France,
first biodiversity territory

In 2019, IRICE and the Société d'Economie Mixte Oppidea (Société d'aménagement de Toulouse Métropole) have signed a a partnership to certify new buildings.

Thanks to this initiative, by 2021, 2,595 new homes had been certified NF Habitat HQE, E+C- and Effinature. A first major step towards biodiversity for Toulouse Métropole: all housing built in Oppidea's neighborhoods meet certifications and performance levels higher than the RE2020.