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Since 2009, Effinature has been the first scientific indicator to reintegrate the benefits of nature into construction projects.

IRICE stands out for its certification of ecological projects, such as Effinature, and its Diagnostic de Performance Biodiversité, while training local authorities and professionals in these innovative approaches. The institute also conducts cutting-edge research on urban microclimate, territorial resilience and carbon efficiency, reinforcing its leading role in the climate and ecology field.




Cédric PLANTAZ, CEO Abnovo Group

Together, let's plant a seed of awareness for future generations.

The best gift we can give our children is to be the first to realize that biodiversity and habitat are inextricably linked. With an innovative mindset, IRICE aims to find innovative solutions to maintain and protect biodiversity. These considerations lead us to work on what makes sense in the building sector. Among the stakeholders involved in the act of building/renovating, it's important to check the ecological impact before and after construction, and to make those involved in urban development aware of their responsibilities when it comes to destroying ecosystems. My philosophy? As Socrates said, "Know thyself". My vision is to help the construction industry to get to know itself better, so that it can evolve. Thanks to it, we can achieve a superior quality of life that is felt on a daily basis, while enhancing the value of our heritage. All this, within residences with an unrivalled sense of community, sharing common values."


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Novacert offers cutting-edge expertise in energy, ventilation, electrical, hydraulic and acoustic systems.

Novatec offers project management assistance, inspection and ecological and environmental monitoring of buildings.

Institut de Recherche et d'innovation pour le climat et l'écologie IRICE guides you towards Effinature biodiversity certification


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At Irice, we're committed to providing fast, effective answers to your questions in the shortest possible time. Our trainers and field teams are always available and ready to listen.



With a thorough understanding of the challenges of urban biodiversity, IRICE's teams must guarantee a level of scientific and technical excellence at all levels in order to clarify your doubts and support you throughout your certification process.



Thanks to the expertise we've acquired since 2009, and in the face of biodiversity and climate regulations that meet political challenges, the IRICE teams are equipped with an agile and innovative spirit to guarantee optimum performance in your projects.


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