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Diagnostic de Performance Biodiversité (DPB) :

A turning point for green construction!

The PBO is the essential tool for meeting the various objectives of biodiversity regulations in the construction sector. It can also be used to assess the ecological commitment of a building or infrastructure.

The PBO for all your your projects!

In a world where biodiversity is under threat, the Biodiversity Performance Diagnostic (DPB) is emerging as an innovative solution, making it possible to quantify and improve the impact of construction projects on our environment, and to highlight the most committed players by offering a common, objective and transparent basis for comparison.

Why was the PBO been created?

Born of crucial biodiversity issues at the 2019 OECD G7 summit. Faced with the alarming degradation of our ecosystems, the need for a standardized, objective tool to assess green initiatives in construction has become clear. The PBO answers this call, providing a robust methodology based on up-to-date research and data. Green design is more than just environmental design. A project is not judged solely on its carbon footprint or water consumption.

Who is the the PBO?

Based on an innovative approach, the Biodiversity Performance Diagnostic (BPD) enables project owners, local authorities and asset managers to map and assess their assets with a view to optimizing their ecological footprint.

It also offers the opportunity to situate each project in terms of its consideration of ecological issues. You can't design a green building without integrating it into its ecosystem, because there's a responsibility towards the environment that now needs to be highlighted, and it's vital to take action!

When to ask

his PBO?

Applicable to existing buildings as well as to projects in the design phase, the PBO is accompanied by specific recommendations for each project, to minimize its future impacts and facilitate decisions regarding project orientation.

A continuous improvement process

The PBO is not just an assessment tool; it also offers advice on how to minimize future environmental impacts. Once you've assessed your project, you'll receive specific recommendations to further refine your ecological approach. Through a guide, each PBO is accompanied by recommendations for the user and the farmer, providing tools to intensify your environmental commitment.

How is the project evaluated?

IRICE evaluates projects using its scoring tool, based on the documents provided (site plan, façade plans, plant palette, description of exterior equipment, etc.). The criteria assessed are all objective, quantifiable and verifiable. At the end of the assessment, a grade from A to G is awarded for each category and for the project as a whole. Each PBO is accompanied by personalized recommendations, offering a real action plan to improve the ecological potential of the project.

A rigorous methodology based on over 100 control points,
divided into six key themes.

The PBO covers a wide range of criteria, from plant heritage to climate resilience, to ensure that each project is assessed in all its aspects. Each checkpoint is designed to provide a comprehensive view of the project's ecological impact.

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