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Introduction to the impartiality committee

IRICE relies on the expertise of the members of the Scientific and Technical Committee for Effinature certification. The Scientific and Technical Committee's mission is to participate in the drafting of the Effinature Construction, Renovation, Development, Operation and Photovoltaic certification standards and their successive revisions, and to ensure the smooth operation, development, management, protection and promotion of these certifications.

The committee brings together interested parties from the Effinature certification sector (architects, ecologists, project owners, property developers, local authorities, design offices).

The composition of the Scientific and Technical Committee for Effinature certification is set to ensure a balanced representation of the various parties involved. It is available on request from IRICE.

Benefits for committee members

Committee members contribute their expertise to :

      • Benefit from innovative results to preserve and sustainably enhance biodiversity;
      • Access the latest scientific knowledge to help decision-making ;
      • Make informed decisions based on scientific knowledge synthesis methods that are unique in France;
      • Keep abreast of regulatory changes affecting biodiversity research and development activities (law on the reconquest of biodiversity, access to genetic resources and sharing of benefits arising from their use (ABS), etc.);
      • Participate in working groups or expert committees in national or international bodies;
      • Financing research projects (sponsorship or research tax credit) ;
      • Transfer and promote their field experience as non-academic experts (symposia)
      • Discuss with committee members or other stakeholders;
      • Forging partnerships with research teams ;
      • Participate in discussions on public and private biodiversity policies;
      • Commitment to biodiversity (Cos appeal for COP 21 - Climate and biodiversity, meeting with presidential candidates to present their proposals in favor of biodiversity).