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Change your life
without leaving the city.
With its 80 scientific indicators, Effinature offers a pragmatic approach to well-being in the home. This global approach makes it possible to offer the real benefits of nature, without leaving the city.
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Better living in the city

The benefits of nature

Integrated into your new lifestyle

Air quality

Breathe deeply in your Effinature space; where every breath is a blend of fresh air and memories of country walks.

Water quality

The preserved layers of biodiversity allow rainwater to filter naturally, irrigating the soils of your home without damaging them - a real urban feat.

Power supply

Rediscover the authentic taste of freshly picked tomatoes, the sweet flavour of fruit from your own tree, the satisfaction of transforming your waste into nourishing compost...


Take off your sneakers and walk along the park's planted paths, in direct contact with the preserved natural soil. It's now proven: being in direct contact with the earth makes you happier!


Living and growing up in an Effinature zone means raising your children's awareness of biodiversity in a natural way, offering them a gentle yet rich education in humanist values.


In an Effinature zone, birdsong and the scent of plants evoke a reassuring, comforting country air in the middle of the city.

Enter urban biodiversity...

Parking and entrance
First impressions...

When you enter an Effinature zone, you're immediately struck by the natural orchestration of the vegetation: the vegetated strata are not like on a usual new project, but are made up of trees, shrubs and meadows that create contrasting colors and harmonious, well-developed perspectives, just like in the heart of nature.


Effinature - green entrance and parking lot
family - effinature shared gardens

Parks and shared gardens
Feel at home somewhere else...

The exteriors of the buildings feature large green spaces, shared gardens, planted walkways and preserved ancient trees. You can smell all kinds of odors, coming from local plants that are rooted in the region's DNA. For some, they evoke memories of childhood, and make you feel right at home. In summer, the shade of the trees creates islands of coolness. Caressed by the wind, you can lie back in the afternoon with a good book or snack. You can also observe biodiversity, as the park is also a haven for cicadas, butterflies and other fascinating insects.

Housing and shared spaces
Living in harmony with nature

If Effinature provides a pleasant environment in which to live, you'll feel it right at home. The views over the vegetation, the dampness and coolness in the evening, the birdsong in the morning... The wide openings to the greenery give us the impression of living in a cocoon in the middle of nature, a tree house, with the added comfort. You'll feel as if you're living with the seasons, with the passage of time, reinforcing your anchorage and daily well-being. But to understand it, you have to live it!


mieux vivre - effinature housing

Ready to live better in the city?

Find your Effinature living space!

Choosing an Effinature home means enjoying a quality of life unrivalled in urban areas. A forerunner in the field of biodiversity, the certification is currently being applied to a few exclusive projects.

Label vs. certification

the only reliable guarantee of a pleasant living environment.

Unlike a simple label, Effinature certification is based on scientific indicators drawn up by a committee of ecologists and integrated into every stage of a project, from design to operation. These 80 biodiversity indicators go beyond simply greening spaces or proposing low-consumption buildings.


They are convinced

As a father of 2 young children, my ambition is to
pass on certain values to my children without having to leave my job in metropolitan France. The Effinature approach seems to me to be a forward-looking solution for all "neo-citizens" keen to improve their quality of life in the city!

Effinature homeowner :
Hervé B.


As a developer, it's our duty to think long-term, and not hesitate to invest in issues such as biodiversity, and its many benefits for both the operator and the user.
For us, Effinature is also a way of sustainably enhancing the value of our projects. 

Promoter :
Mehdi Z.


Territorial intelligence according to Effinature

Territorial intelligence means creating a virtuous circle in which each player benefits: the promise of designing truly ecological buildings for elected representatives or a territory, while preserving its heritage; enhancing the value of a project or its real-estate assets for builders and operators, while benefiting from immediate well-being for users.

Together, let's move the lines...