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Certifications and labels:

- PEB : Label Passiv'Haus + AMI écomatériaux

- L'ilôt [PEB+ EAOE]: Effinature certification

Typology : Commercial, activity and coworking building [PEB], multi-care center [EAJE].

Sizing :

- PEB: 635m2 workshops, 675m² tertiary area

- EAJE: 24 places

Context : Cluster of projects comprising a business park and a multi-accueil facility

Ambitions : To propose projects with high environmental ambitions that meet a real need for service. For example, the local authority will be keen to promote the use of eco-materials, passive and energy-producing buildings, optimal air quality and comfort of use, and buildings that are part of a quality environment: Effinature certification.

Measures implemented :

The project blends into the local landscape by developing a typical bocage ecosystem. The hedgerows are preserved and made denser, enabling the conservation of a large badger population and protected species. The environment is diversified by the reintroduction of a meadow, an orchard and a wetland to regulate rainwater. Soil sealing has been reduced, with more than 50% of the plot preserved as open ground, and permeable surfacing chosen for the parking lots and soft path. This approach has resulted in a significant and qualitative re-vegetation of this former wasteland: more than 700 trees and shrubs will be planted on the plot, over 90% of which are local species, and 1,000 m ² of flower meadow will be sown.The two wooden buildings are fully integrated into this biodiversity-friendly approach. The structure is a habitat for birds, chiropterans and insects, with numerous built-in nesting boxes. The building fully integrates living organisms into its thermal regulation: trees and climbing plants provide shade for the glass roofs and courtyards. In addition, the construction methods used greatly reduce chemical and noise pollution during the construction phase.


Local authority Communauté de communes de Brocéliande


Fifteen Architecture

Project owner

Communauté de commune de Brocéliande


Bréal sous Montfort





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